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Medical Academy Named After S.I. Georgievsky Of V.I. Vernadsky CFU

The Medical University is located in the Crimea peninsula. It experiences mild and sunny climate with beautiful landscape. Home to students from more than 45 countries the aim of the institute is to provide nothing but the best education and produce excellent doctors.


Being one of the bests in Russia, The Crimea Medical University occupies a rank in top 10 Russian universities, teaching fully in english. With an approval by the MCI the university in fact has officially the highest screen test passing ratio.


The institute provides everything instrumental in creating the best medical professionals. Known for its capacity to let students maintain the perfect study-life balance, the institute grants the following holidays.

1) National Holidays- independence days and cultural days of their own countries, Diwali, Holi, Chinese New Year etc.

2) Religious Holidays- Ramdan, Christmas etc

3) University Holidays- faculties holidays, graduation balls, day of russian language, food festivals etc.

4) International Holidays- new year’s, mother’s day, international woman's day etc.


Fee structure

1st year Dollar

1st year INR

2nd to 6th per year Dollar

2nd to 6th per year INR

Total in Dollar

Total in INR







  1. Tuition fee - 3000$ Every year  
  2. Hostel fee – 250$ Every year  
  3. Medical Insurance – 100$ Every year  
  4. Multiple visa & Registration- 50$ Every year
  5. All other charges of the university as required- 2100$ Onetime charge.

(One time charge includes documents translation into the Russian language and Notarized fee, Equivalence certificate fee , HIV test, Malaria D-group test, Fluorography test, Airport pickup and Mobile sim-card, 3 Days food after arrival, transportation cost upon medical checkup and other miscellaneous charges)

Mess (Lunch & Dinner) 120$ per month

Important notes:

1 dollar = INR 70 (approx. for calculation) At the time of payment actual rate will be calculated .

Fees structures
Fees 1st Year
In Rs.
Total 2nd to 5th Year(with hostel)
In Rs.
Total 5 Year in China
In Rs.

Application deadline: 30 October

Note: Application Fee need to pay with Documents and after admission notice need to deposit 3000 RMB which is included in whole Fee package then JW202 will be applied.